ICM and WIForum cooperate to connect foreign investment capital for Vietnamese startup market.

ICM and WIForum cooperate to connect foreign investment capital for Vietnamese startup market.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Duc – CEO ICM (left) and Mr. Axel Schultze (right)
  On November 20, at the ICM Office – KOVA Center Building, the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was held between the CEO of Innovation Capital Management (ICM) – Mr. Nguyen Viet Duc and the famous Swiss billionaire – Mr. Axel Schultze. Mr Axel Schultze is currently the Chairman of the World Innovations Forum – the World Innovation Forum, a non-governmental organization for development and innovation based in Switzerland and represented in many countries.
      The goals that ICM and the World Innovations Forum work towards are to support, develop startups, and connected investors and the Government to these projects.
This time he came to Vietnam to accompany the “Seeding Innovation 2020” program and had a private meeting with ICM’s Board of Directors. He said successful entrepreneurs are often have some crazy ideas but extraordinary and can greatly help the economy. The FDI map that he brought also showed that Vietnam is a country that does not have much investment from foreign capital for development but we have potential to increase more than 14.2 billions we had right now.  
  After the discussion, both sides felt the same viewpoint and common viewpoints in supporting and developing Startup, especially when Mr. Duc share of the Startup support journey in Vietnam. Although there are still many challenges and difficulties, the Vietnamese startup community is growing and learning to grow, ICM has been accompanying businesses on this path with effective management methods. The most effective approach to investors is to open up close and mutually beneficial connections for investors and startup projects. Thereby, they have planned for many future collaborations and subsequent meetings. As a result, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation for the first time and had a good start. The purpose of this partnership is to assist startups in calling for capital investments, connecting investors and exchanging knowledge on building a startup ecosystem. Both organizations are committed to supporting each other in promoting the development of startup investment projects. WIFORUM will bring international experience and experience activities to investors, ICM will join in building this knowledge block for the startup ecosystem in Vietnam and legal consultancy activities and supporting foreign investors’ access to Vietnam trade market.

In the coming time, ICM will take more solid steps to improve the investment and innovation startup ecosystem, contributing to the overall development of the national startup ecosystem thanks to the companion, support from Mr. Axel Schultze and the World Innovations Forum.

ICM and SWISS EP officially disclose the capital call round for Angels City – the first public angel investment program in Vietnam

  Aimed at creating a professional investment environment for angel investors to invest in start-up projects in major cities of Vietnam including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hai Phong. Angels City is hosted by ICM – Innovation Capital Management and SWISS EP Vietnam with the purpose of: 👉👉Helping investors: – Approaching and investing in the most potential startups those are carefully screened by experts from ICM and Swiss EP. – Being accompanied by other investors, especially *Lead Investor who have deep insights and practical experiences in specific areas, thereby reduce risk and maintain effective management. – Investors will be provided with the necessary knowledge to start the journey to become an Angel Investor through the training activities of the program. 👉👉For startup projects participating in the program, this will be a great opportunity to: – Get an investment up to 100,000USD. – Engage with angel investors and professional investment funds – Participate in training programs and courses to accelerate entrepreneurship in the network of ICM and Swiss EP. – Participate in the entrepreneurial community through programs that ICM, Swiss EP and partners of the two parties organize. The Angels City program and the capital call this time are expected to bring about a completely new way of investing in the startup ecosystem in Vietnam. We invite all individuals and institutional investors to participate and contribute to this success of Vietnamese startup ecosystem.  Registration link: http://bit.ly/Angelscity  Registration deadline: from now until the end of May 5, 2019  For more information please visit the landing page: http://innocapital.vn/angels-city 📞Contact information: – Phone: 078 809 0406 (Ms. Van) – Email: contact@innocapital.vn – Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/innocapital.vn/ – Website: http://innocapital.vn/ #ICM #SwissEP #Angelscity

Announcement: Signing ceremony for cooperation between ICM & Swiss Ep in organizing Angel City program

ICM and Swiss EP will jointly deploy the Angel City program, a platform that helps angel investors invest in start-up projects effectively.


In the spirit of implementing a strategic cooperation agreement between Innovation Capital Management Joint Stock Company (ICM – Innovation Capital Management) and Swiss EP (SWISS EP Vietnam) signed in early 2018, ICM and Swiss EP officially announced the signing ceremony of cooperation between the two sides in the implementation of Angel City program.

Angel City is a program aimed at creating a professional investment environment for angel investors to invest in projects in Vietnam’s major cities including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hai Phong.

According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Duc, General Director of ICM and Mr. Hub Langstaff, Director of Swiss EP in Vietnam, the program is implemented based on the investment infrastructure that ICM has built. With the advantage of experience and investment management infrastructure, ICM and Swiss EP believe Angel City will be a pioneering and professional platform to help angel investors invest in start-up projects effectively, towards a professional investment infrastructure for entrepreneurial ecosystems. For Swiss EP, with a network of domestic and international partners, will support connecting the program to domestic and foreign investors.

Innovation Capital Management Joint Stock Company is the first official unit of Vietnam to be granted investment license and management of innovation investment fund. The development orientation of the company is to focus on global capital, manage investment funds, directly invest in startups and transparency in the investment market.

Swiss EP is the start-up support program of the Swiss Government, with main office located in Ho Chi Minh City. The program is implemented throughout the territory of Vietnam with the aim of promoting start-up activities, enhancing the readiness of innovative enterprises to start a business, creating an ecosystem to support start-ups.

For further information about the program, please contact:
Mr. Trinh Minh Cuong
Phone: 035 2671124
Gmail: cuong.dtm@innocapital.vn